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 A varied diet is on everyone’s lips, but ultimately, what is even more important is quick consumption and quick availability. But with us both is on finger tips.

 Why is there no restaurant that offers a varied, daily fresh range of top quality dishes in next to no time and still fulfills a local lifestyle? GREENCHILLYZ is that restaurant which fulfills all.


We attach great importance to this. There is a lot of Odisha cusine in the GREENCHILLYZ, which you taste, feel and see every time you visit.

¥     FRESH

Most of it homemade taste. All of our item specialties are freshly prepared for you from the grill, from the oven or from the deep fryer and, if you wish, packaged to take away.


¥     FINE

… but the recipe remains our secret.


¥     FAST

Who has time to wait? Our service is not only particularly friendly, but also particularly fast. So that you can satisfy your cravings in the shortest possible time.


¥     FAIR

For you, safe environment. Fairness in all areas is very important to us, because we are aware of our responsibility towards customers


¥ Quality


 A very precise selection of products of Odisha origin and controlled designation according to strict specifications favoring proximity, traceability and superior quality. The products are made on site in the purest respect for the rules of quality craftsmanship.


¥ Freshness


A strong concern for major dietary balances, but also (and this seems fundamental to us) a certain indulgence, allow us to offer you a fresh, varied and completely colorful offer every day.


¥ Made-to -measure

Items can be completely made-to-measure to satisfy both your creativity and your appetite. GREENCHILLYZ, a tailor-made pioneer, is still the benchmark in the field fast food industry.

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  1. Food delivery personnel should leave the packet at customer’s door. DO NOT handover the food packet directly to the customer
  2. The staff for home deliveries shall be screened thermally by the restaurant authorities prior to allowing home deliveries
  3. Entrance to have mandatory hand hygiene (sanitizer dispenser) and thermal screening provisions
  4. Only asymptomatic staff and patrons shall be allowed
  5. All staff and patrons to be allowed entry only if using face cover/masks
  6. The face cover/mask has to be worn at all times inside the restaurant
  7. Posters/standees/AV media on preventive measures about COVID-19 to be displayed prominently
  8. Staggering of patrons to be done, if possible
  9. Adequate manpower shall be deployed by restaurant management for ensuring social distancing norms
  10. Deep cleaning of all washrooms shall be ensured at regular intervals
  11. Staff/waiters should wear mask and hand gloves and take other required precautionary measures
  12. Contactless mode of ordering and digital mode of payment (using e-wallets) to be encouraged
  13. Tables to be sanitized each time customer leaves
  14. In the kitchen, the staff should follow social distancing norms at the workplace. Kitchens area must be sanitized at regular intervals